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Building Your Child’s Esteem

Children often learn and grow from what they see others do, but they can also benefit from what they are encouraged to do. A child’s mind can be likened to an empty box, whatever is loaded there is what they absorb. It is therefore the responsibility of the parent or guardians to understand how they can motivate the child with positivity and nurture their character accordingly.

This positivity encourages the child’s self- esteem to grow and ultimately bring about self – confidence.

Constantly boosting the esteem of your child will go a long way in support of their growth. Here are a few points to help build your child’s esteem:

  • Allow your child to have choices. Most children are deprived of lifetime opportunities just by denying them choices of their own.Encourage them to pursue their interests.
  • Spend quality time with the child, let the child feel you are their friend not just a parent.Being overly ‘bossy’ with them can have a negative effect on their esteem and they may look for alternative validation elsewhere.
  • Avoid  comparing your child to others as it may lower their esteem, and ultimately cause   them to be withdrawn, shy and even anti – social in their interactions with others.
  • Allow your child to try and fail. This may sound odd but worth doing. Avoid doing everything for the child, let them do things by themselves. The process of doing nurtures their creativity and finally builds their esteem due to the feeling of accomplishment once they succeed.
  • Be a role  model. The child will tend to borrow from you, if you are   motivated and high esteemed, your     child will definitely pick that trait from you. Children like bragging about their parents to their friends, therefore give your child the sense of belonging and confidence even in doing things.

These are but a few things to help your child build up their esteem.


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